For Aaron, a good birth partner makes sure to stay informed (and makes sure to eat beforehand)

"I felt like I did as best as I could to support my wife during labour, although there were a couple of moments where I felt absolutely terrified. I'm not sure if she noticed. If I could give any advice to another dad, it would be to always ask what’s happening and to speak up for your partner. If I didn’t ask, they didn’t think to tell me what was going on and that’s when I would get scared and feel like I wasn’t doing my part.

Guys don’t talk much about birth, so I wasn’t prepared for how totally unbelievable it was to see my son being born. Best moment of my life. I can still picture his face. I thought he would be sleepy and crying, but he had these big open eyes and was just looking at me." Birth partner tips "Well, apart from always speaking up, eat before you go to hospital. It was the middle of the night and I was starving and that was actually a bit distracting."