Jaime's advice for dads in the delivery room is to stay away from negative thoughts

"If I’m honest, it was a rollercoaster for me. It was both incredible and awesome, whilst also scary and totally beyond my control. But that’s the thing about birth. You’re there and you’re doing what you can, but you have no control over anything. That’s a really hard place to be. I kept worrying about something going wrong, and I had to work hard at keeping those thoughts away. My favorite part was being at home in early labor. Perhaps it’s because we were in our own space but I felt like I was taking care of her and protecting her. In the hospital, with all the machines and the staff, you can feel a bit insignificant. I just kept by her side and tried to encourage her. I just really focused on being calm and making her feel safe and supported. Afterwards, Maria told me that she couldn’t have done it without my support, so I guess I got something right!"

Birth partner tips "Try not to get into negative thoughts. There are bound to be moments where you worry, but getting tense isn't helpful."